Closing the blog

Sorry guys,

I’ve been too busy with school and what not to even continue this.

Again, I’m sorry to disappear you all. I may continue this later on.


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Haven’t made a new post in a while and I’m sorry about that.

Been too busy to even go online sometimes.

Now, I’m thinking about stopping this blog. It’s too much work to handle with me alone doing all the work. I’ll probably get back to making new posts sometime in the future. Let me know if I should continue to post new material or if I should just end it?

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Sorry for the delays on ‘Those boys who’ posts. Jonathan and I (Joanna) are busy preparing for our CAHSEE which is right around the corner. Once CAHSEE is over, we both will start making new posts so don’t you worry. Our weekends are quite busy with composing CAHSEE prep essays along with homework from other classes.

Once CAHSEE is done, be prepared for massive amounts of posts. (:

Don’t forget to send your requests in.

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Yeeeee! Thanks again to everyone who follows us. We love you all! Again this blog wouldn’t be possible without you guys. Stay beautiful and fierce. ~ Jonathan [TBW]

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